Friday, April 23, 2010

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Born with personality is an accident
but dying as personality is an achievement,
Your birthday may be normal,
your death should be history.
Like all,
Trust few,
But learn from everyone.
Practice like a devil and play
like and Angel.
"Do or Die is an old concept
"Do it before Dieing."
It is new one!


Kisi Dushman k 100 alfaz bhi takleef nhi de sakte
1 Dost ki khamoshi 100 aansu de sakti hai.


Never Tell ur prblms to anyone
Except the 1% people, who truely love u.
Bcoz 20% people dont care
Other 79% people are glad that u've problems.


Dosti karna itna aasan hai jaise
matti se matti per matti likhna...


Dosti nibhana itna mushkil hai
jaise pani par pani se pani likhna...


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